Everyone can loose weight, keeping it off is the problem.

      Dr. George Kukurin

          Chiropractic Neurologist
Hello, I'm Dr. George Kukurin and I am licensed to practice chiropractic by the  by the State of Pennsylvania. I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine methods for over 20 years. I have a keen interest in conditions of the nervous system, because I am a former faculty member of the Post Graduate Neurology Department of Parker College. I’m also one of a select few Arizona chiropractic physicians who are Diplomats of the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology.  I have treated thousands of patients suffering from all types of conditions of the nervous system. I have post-graduate education from the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I have even traveled to Russian to learn laser acupuncture and to Mexico to study nerve regeneration treatments.

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Ideal Protein Weight Loss System

Do you know someone that can eat whatever he or she wants and not gain a pound?  I know of more than a few folks who seem to be immune to weight gain. Unfortunately for me, I’m not one of them. We have all uttered the phrase “blame it on my genetics”.   Well new research has begun to prove that the “bad genes excuse” is not a lame cop-out, but a scientific reason why some of us struggle to keep our weight off. Let me tell you about some of the exciting recent research findings concerning weight gain and weight loss. And even more importantly let me share with you ways to apply this knowledge to help you win your own personal  battle of the bulge.  Everything we eat is actually a form of energy. Calories are actually a measure of the energy content of food.  We’ve all been told a million times, take in less calories (energy) than you burn and you’ll loose weight. If you eat and drink 2000 calories worth of food and through basic metabolism and a little exercise you expend (burn) 2500 calories, you are at an energy deficit. This means that you have to use stored energy to make up the 500 calorie deficit. Hopefully this stored energy will come from stored fat.   If you burn an extra 500 calories from fat every day, you'll soon be fit and trim.  And that is exactly how it works, in a physics lab. In fact, it is part of laws of physics called the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.  The human body however is much different than a simple machine. In a machine, a calorie is a calorie, is a calorie. However, unlike machines, humans and other animals have hormones.  And several recently discovered hormones are really important to our discussion of weight loss and weight gain. If you are reading this article, you probably have struggled keeping your weight in a healthy ideal range. Surely you have heard of insulin and thyroid hormones.  Thyroid hormones regulate resting metabolism. This is what burns calories. However with rare exceptions, thyroid hormones are NORMAL in most of us trying to loose weight.  Then there is insulin. Insulin is supposed to clear sugar out of our blood stream.  We all know people who are diabetic and need to take shots of insulin to help maintain safe levels of blood sugar. But did you know that insulin also causes the body to store fat in fat cells?  Did you ever wonder where the blood sugar goes when a diabetic takes a shot of insulin to lower the levels of blood sugar? Well a large percentage of this gets converted into fat and stored in our fat cells. How much is stored is partly a product of our personal genetic makeup.  The bright idea here is that higher levels of insulin means your body becomes really good at storing fat in your fats cells.  So keep this  in mind while reading the remainder of this article  

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Pittsburgh Ideal Protein Diet®
Weight Loss System.

Ideal Protein Diet® includes specially designed foods that are integrated into a healthy choice real foods plan. They are satisfying, natural and they taste great! Best of all, if you eat them you will loose 3-7 pounds of fat per week!   

Lose Weight Tips

Weight loss tip #1: Eat your high carbohydrate meal earlier in the day.
Weight loss tip # 2: Avoiding eating before bedtime.
Weight loss tip #3: Substitute fiber for fat and protein for carbohydrates.