There are so many diet programs and fad diets available to lose weight. How do you choose between low-fat, high-protein, low-carb & calorie-controlled? Do they work and are they safe for you? You’ll be glad to know that a group of doctors and researchers have done your homework for you! I want to introduce you to the first real diet breakthrough in years, it is called the Ideal Protein™ diet system. Within 30 days you can lose weight, lose inches,  improve your cholesterol and blood sugar and start to feel great again!

Benefits of the Ideal Protein Plan


• Calorie, Carb, Protein, fat and
   portioned controlled for you.


• Lose 3-7** pounds  per week

    without increased exercise.

• Return your cholesterol and
   blood sugar towards healthy

•  Do all this faster and easier
   than you could ever imagine.

After years of dieting, look what three months on the IP diet did for me.... Dr. K     (actual photos un-retouched)

Are we claiming too much? Use the form to the right to request more information on this amazing diet plan. The Ideal Protein™ plan is producing results for our patients, that patients on other diet plans can only dream about!

                                           ~ Dr. K

Hi I’m Dr. George Kukurin and I’m a little embarrassed to put my personal before and after pictures on the Internet. I’m not an actor and I’m certainly not a model. But I am a guy who happens to be a doctor, 50 something years old and a veteran of the fat loss wars. I’ve struggled to lose weight since high school. And just like everyone else (you can see by my before pictures above) lately I was losing the battle-of-the-bulge. And losing it badly!  My waist size ballooned up to a 44 loose fit.   My cholesterol was terrible, my blood sugar was elevated and my knees hurt so badly there was no way I could exercise. I thought to myself, “well George, you are 50, fat and things aren’t going to get any better”. Then by pure chance, I went to a medical conference. One of the vendors at the conference was a company called Ideal Protein.™  Learning about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss System has changed everything. I lost 55 pounds of fat in three months (check out my after pictures). Better yet, I’ve kept if off!! And so have hundreds of our patients and thousands of Ideal Protein clients throughout America. Call me at 412.381.4453  to learn how you can do it too. Quickly, safely and affordably.

Years ago there was a commercial on television where a gentlemen said, “I liked the product so much I bought the company.” Well I didn’t buy the company, but our offices became certified Ideal Protein Diet Centers. It is truly amazing how many life long dieters are winning their personal battle-of-the-bulge with the Ideal Protein Plan. Just like me, 30-50 pound weight loss in our patients is not uncommon.** One of our massage therapists has lost over 100 lbs. Our patients are seeing improvements in their blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The program is doctor supervised and is safe.  It is not a gimmick or fad and most of all it has an excellent track record of long term weight loss success. It has truly changed my life! It has changed the lives of so many of our patients. You can learn more about the science here.

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Confused about  which diet plan to choose to lose weight fast, keep it off and how to lose weight safely?

Want to start losing 3-7 pounds per week** today?

Call us,  K~CANN at 412.381-4453 you’ll be glad you did!

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**weight loss is typically slightly  less for women, generally more for men. Individual results will vary.

**results are typical or average your results will vary

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